Artist's Statement:

My primary goal in creating dance is to communicate.  Through movement, rhythm, breath, and an awareness of the space that surrounds us, I give a physical and palpable voice to the invisible, but deeply felt sensations and emotions inside of me.  In allowing what lies beneath the surface to come into the light, I hope to connect with viewers fully and richly.  In my creation process, I start with a sensation, inspiration, or instinct.  Then, I explore how that speaks to me physically, allowing the internal music to come out and shape itself in the space.  Through improvised movement research, I collect the vocabulary and textures which will be the meat of the piece.  Using contrast and timing, I look for the experiential arc on which I want to take my viewer, and apply my ingredients to that framework until it stands on its own.  Once the piece speaks back to me, I know that it has life, and can speak to an audience.  When working with an ensemble of dancers, I enjoy the potential for power that exists when physical bodies draw together behind a united purpose.  In dance, as in life, we are stronger as many, than we are alone.  Even so, I am constantly amazed and impressed by how the light of each individual shines sometimes even more brightly when that person simultaneously supports and rides on the energy of his/her compatriots.  I enjoy allowing that individuality to shine, within the structure and intensity of the group.  In building the movement itself, I am an innovator.  I have a passion for juxtaposition, and I push my dancers to take risks.  My dances start with me, but ultimately they are meant to be shared. 


Evalina Carbonell, known affectionately as "Wally," is a Philadelphia-based dance artist.  She received her early training with Pamela Moore at the National Ballet School in Maryland, attending Cecchetti International Summer Programs on scholarship in both Michigan and England, and earning her Advanced Certification.  Evalina received additional training at the Washington Ballet School and Alonzo King's Lines Contemporary Ballet School, and at Florida State University where she earned her BFA in Dance.  Upon graduation, Evalina joined the Roxey Ballet Company, dancing as a principal artist from 2005-2011, and as a guest artist at Kenya's 2009 Inaugural Ball.  She has performed as a free-lance artist with the NYC-based Dance Iquail, and with Philadelphia artists including Olive Prince Dance, Antonia & Artists, Meredith Stapleton, Jessica Warchal-King, Brandi Ou, and Jae Hoon Lim.  A passionate performer, creator, and teacher, Evalina is currently a member of the internationally active Kun-Yang Lin/ Dancers, whom she joined in 2012.  Additionally, she works as a free-lance artist, performing as a guest nationally and locally, teaching dance, Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis®, and creating and producing her own work.  Evalina is an innovator who creates sensual, inspired, highly physical dance that seeks to communicate, unearthing humanity, and framing it with clarity.